You can reach Ios by ferry boat, these boat connections can be found easily and are frequent during the summer season from all the surrounding islands in the cyclades such as SantoriniMykonosCreteSyros, Paros , NaxosMilos and Athens.


The airports that you can fly too and have boat connections too Ios is, SantoriniMykonosCreteParos and Athens.


Santorini would be the closest destination, 30 minutes journey with the fast boat ferries to reach Ios Port.


From Athens you would have two choices too travel to Ios, either from the main port of Pireaus or from Rafina which is a closer journey from the airport.


It is advisable to check boat connections prior to securing/booking of flights to secure a connection the same day or you might have to spend your time overnight and travel too Ios the next day.


We will collect you from the Port of Ios on your arrival and transfer you too the Hotel as part off our complimentary service!